Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar BaitheHum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe(2002)插图%4K电影下载_3D影视资源_杜比视界迅雷下载
导演: Mohan Singh Rathor
编剧: Mohan Singh Rathor
主演: 裘格尔·汗斯拉吉 / Tina Rana / 萨钦·克德卡 / Vishnu Sharma / Mushtaq Khan / Charlie / Johny Fever / Prithvi Zutshi / Dalbeer / Prasad Pandit / 娜微妮.帕里哈尔
类型: 爱情 / 歌舞
制片国家/地区: 印度
语言: 印地语
片长: 138分钟
IMDb: tt0396057


Mamta leaves her husband, Vikas when she realizes that he has criminal associates, and thereby spare their son, Vishwas, from any bad influence. Mamta's luggage is stolen at the railway station by a mother and son team of thieves, who are subsequently run over by a train, leaving the police to conclude from the badly mutilated bodies, that they are those of Mamta and Vishwas. Vikas is grief stricken. Shortly thereafter he has to look after the only daughter, Priya, of two friends, after his associates kill them. Years later, Priya, has grown up. One day she and some friends decide to holiday at Mount Abu. Once there she meets with none other than Vishwas, who is their guide. Both fall in love. In the meantime, devious Bharoselal convinces Vikas that his son is still alive, and asks his nephew, Jai, to pose as Vishwas. Vikas accepts Jai as his son. Vishwas gets hired in the organization run by Vikas, and Vikas takes a liking to Vishwas. Bharoselal schemes with his partners to poison Vikas' mind against Vishwas, and they do succeed, by convincing Vikas that Vishwas is actually the son of one of the criminal associates. In the meantime, Mamta is planning the marriage of Vishwas with Priya, little knowing the opposition she will run into.



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